Interest in Pinterest

February 13, 2012

So Pinterest is all the rage.

While i do appreciate their interface – fairly intuitive and laid out beautifully, I’m not sure about the way they automatically start following people.  It’s clearly what’s allowed them to grow…

But i wonder if people will really continue to use the service once the novelty wears off.  To be honest, i’m still waiting for Twitter to run it’s course, so i’ve been wrong before.


Give Zazzle

November 6, 2009

I am excited to announce our Give Zazzle campaign with the introduction of Zazzle’s first billboard – just off the 101 highway, in a great location by Hillsdale she stands – simple, yet strong and beautiful – Give Zazzle.



The landing page for this campaign is here:  This campaign attempts to capture the spirit of the season with a prominent Give message, and we wrapped it up with what it means to Give Zazzle: creativity; laughter; warmth; memories; heroes… Zazzle means many things to many people and we hope that the message will resonate with our very diverse customer base.

Season’s greetings,


Valentine’s Day Gift

February 5, 2009

So i’ve never really been a flower guy – though i certainly do appreciate them and the symbolic nature – they are beautiful and last only for a moment – and must be appreciated and smelled in that moment.  But gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day always seemed cliche.  In fact, there are few gifts that i would consider unique or original.  Which is what makes this gift idea for my wife such a good one… not only is it new, original and personal – i happen to also work at the company that offers it (in conjunction with Paste Magazine, of course).  So without further ado… i announce:

An Obamaconme LOVE stamp!

I’m going to frame this and present to my lovely wife.  Don’t forget, you too can give the perfect gift at  Shameful plug, i know, but it’s really the only reason i created this blog!

Until next time,


Guru Status on Predictify

February 5, 2009

Predictify Launches New Site

November 24, 2008

Predictify – A company where you are encouraged to not just read the news, but to predict it. Very cool and interesting site founded by a couple of young geniuses.

Stanford Football

September 19, 2008

Fair-weather fan… i guess that’s what i am… i guess i’m ok with it.  I only play golf when the sun is shining… I love Stanford and love it when we win – hate it when we lose.  I dutifully donate every year to the Stanford Fund, as well as the Buck Cardinal Club… AND I purchased season tickets when the stadium opened.  Did i renew my season tickets last year, or this year?  I did not.  Will i reconsider if we start playing better? probably.  Anyway, i’m excited about this weekend’s game against SanJose, I’m going to go and see how we are…

Good to see Todd Husak is writing the pre-game analysis – he was in my writing class Freshman year!

Go Card!!!

Star Wars Politics

September 19, 2008

So I’m so proud of the company i work for… last night on Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey sported a shirt that Zazzle created. It is also showing up on the StarWars blogs. Especially as election heats up here in the U.S., it’s exciting to see a company like ours able to contribute public sentiment and give a creative voice to people – whether it’s on a shirt, mug, poster, cards, or even shoes and skateboards!

Tina Fey Wears Zazzle StarWars Election Shirt

Tina Fey Wears Zazzle StarWars Election Shirt

First Blog

September 9, 2008

I’ve been working in web 2.0 company for 3.5 years, and i still don’t really have a facebook account, nor do i have a blog to speak of.  It’s pretty sad.  So this is my first attempt at documenting some thoughts in a blog form.  The first subject will deal with the name of my weblog.  Jazkang… what gives?  who are you?  It’s a little embarrassing, and i don’t have a good excuse.  My first experience with email back in 1996 was setting up a user account in the Stanford Computer Cluster.  “Jason” was taken, so was “jasonkang”, “jason.kang”, “jkang”, and every other combo i could think of.  i had a friend next to me who wanted me to “quickly login!!!”, so i went with “jazkang”, it was my email address for 4 years.  Anyway, so that’s me.  I’ll post more interesting stuff next go around.